Sharing snapshots & dodging yaml landmines

They'll get you everytime

Alan Blockley

So recently I had a real world problem to solve from a developer;

“We need a DEV SQL server in a secondary account… and we also need to restore production snapshots from the production account INTO the DEV SQL server“

This is probably a very real requirement people come across every day. Developers needing to restore production data into test and dev servers to ensure the products they are building are fit for purpose.

This is a simple process, documented below, involved a CloudWatch event and a Lambda function.

Golden Nugget Watch

Sometimes we need a quick hack...

Alan Blockley

So I was in the office the other day minding my own business when all of a sudden sprung upon me were over 16,000 log files, totalling in excess of 30GB. I could be a bit more dramatic and say they fell out of the sky, or came flying down the chimney like letters to an orphan boy who lives under the stairs… but alas, this is not Pottermore.